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J.N. Rebilly & Andrew Chalk CD

Jean Noël Rebilly & Andrew Chalk CD Tsilla – An’archives

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket

Catalogue number : [An’41]

Mastered by Denis Blackham

“On Tsilla, Jean-Noël Rebilly and Andrew Chalk pay homage to the late French writer and engraver Cécile Reims. While she may be best known as interpretative engraver for surrealist artist Hans Bellmer, and she also worked with Leonor Fini and briefly for Salvador Dali, Reims’ most powerful and enduring works were made either in collaboration with her husband, the writer and artist Fred Deux (who signed their collaborative work “cf deux”), or by herself. Later works by Reims, like the L’Elan Vitale suite, or the Histoires Naturelles series, manifest denuded, obliterated landscapes; spiralling abstractions; engravings that shiver with an unearthly radiance, where etchings of great intricacy hint at intimacy and the velocity of rapture, before opening out to aching empty spaces. The music on Tsilla is similarly evocative, a tender weaving of emotional complexity carved with the hand-held and simple tools of artisans. Much like Reims, Rebilly and Chalk enact a similar transfiguration of base materials. For Reims, natural order is made “more sinuous and curious through the rounded flow of her graver,” Kate McCrickard once noted. For Rebilly and Chalk, these seven pieces, cast under the shadow of a great artist, inhabit that sinuousness, and tease out the eternal flow of tone.”

Jon Dale

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In a same time we have these 2 for distribution and you can save with postage….

Francis Plagne & Andrew Chalk

CD The Painter’s Family

 Label : Mould Museum

Catalogue number : MM 03

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket with obi

Recorded 2008-2016, released on cassette in 2018.

Recorded 2008-2016 and originally released on cassette in 2018.

The Painter’s Family is the first duo release from Andrew Chalk and Francis Plagne, recorded intermittently, both together and apart, over eight years, in Hull, Melbourne and various places in Japan. Eight pages from the sketchbook, sequenced into two languorous side-long suites.

Mastered by Joe Talia.

“He tried by every means to come close to nature, lying in the fields before daybreak and until nightfall in order to learn to represent very exactly the red morning sky of sunrise, sunset and the evening hours”

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Andrew Chalk CD Dreams

 Label :  Impression Lointaine / Faraway Press

Catalogue number : FP 037

Edition of 300, comes in a mini handmade gatefold jacket

Dreams, subtitled Scenes I-XV, captures imaginary scenes and sequenced into a full album of 52 minutes length at Impression Lointaine.

Dreams being archaic and unpredictable in its composition, such as dreams themselves that make little sense upon waking and assembled using time limited constraints.

And while immersed, and in privacy, form a thread of personal communication like a nostalgic memory-a painting of which we inhabit ourselves.

 Many things of the past

Are brought to my mind,

As I stand in the garden

Staring at a cherry tree.

Piano by ;

Tom James Scott (Scene VIII)

Timo van Luijk (Scene XIII)

Mastered by Denis Blackham

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